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Queen’s is proud to sponsor the work of QUBIS as it plays a leadership role facilitating the transition of frontier, ground breaking knowledge (research, know-how, innovation) in to the very exciting and often unpredictable world of commerce.

QUBIS has an enviable track record. In recent times a DTI survey placed QUBIS 1st in the UK / Ireland for revenue generation through its spin-out companies (£116m this year, 95% in exports) and 2nd only to Cambridge for job creation (1,026 higher value jobs). QUBIS has also played its part in having Queens’ University being recognised as The Times Higher Education UK Entrepreneurial University of the Year in 2009.

The secret to their success, as vouched for by past and present QUBIS alumni, is that the team at QUBIS are professional, friendly, and approachable, offering support and guidance over what can be a long, ardous journey. They are also able to tap in to a wealth of expert business advice, often at no additional charge.

QUBIS stands ready and willing to help you through that process. What are you waiting for, get in touch today.


Entrepreneurs in residence - Spin-out Programme Integration

Actively seekiing entrepreneurs and pre-company and star up companies.... business proposals that secure QUBIS Ltd support will have demonstrated that an investment in the new company will lead to the viable commercialisation of university innovation that has definable competitive advantage and that the staff involved are committed to the start-up company route. Click here see it explained


Opportunities at key moments in commercialisation

Protecting your IP is crictal to the success for your business idea and may hold a lot more value than you could ever imagine. Not just in monetary terms but also the fact that you could be a pioneer in your field. So here is some practical tips on how to protect your Intelectual property during the key stages of commercialisation. Click here

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Partners & Investors

In proud association with our partners and investors we have all believed in the potential of each one of our portfolio companes and nurtured their growth.

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