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Lamhroe was founded by Dr Mark Kelly when he was a Research Engineer with ECIT. 

Mark has been involved in a much earlier Qubis Ltd spin out venture called Merlin Microwave which was eventually acquired by US based Celeritek and Mark subsequently went to work for Celeritek in the US for a number of years. 

When Mark returned to Northern Ireland he was appointed as a Research Engineer within the newly established ECIT (The Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology) Institute based on the NI Science Park campus.  Mark brought a tremendous amount of experience back to NI and discussed the possibility of setting up a new spin out venture with the team at Qubis Ltd over a number of years. 

In 2009 Mark approached Qubis Ltd to discuss a potential venture based around microwave technology and involving a corporate partner named Amideon.  Amideon brought specific market opportunities, management expertise and most important of all, channels to market for the new venture which was called Lamhroe. 

Qubis Ltd and Amideon both invested in the new start up and the company operated out of the incubation facility within ECIT.  Lamhroe have developed a range of products based on the innovative microwave technology developed within ECIT and which are tailored for specific market opportunities identified by the Amideon marketing arm and is another excellent example of how QUB technology and researchers, in combination with a commercial partner can develop world beating products from a Belfast base.  

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