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Corporate Ventures

Experience has shown us that the big challenge with all technologies emerging from a University lies in shaping these technologies into products that meet the needs of customers. The subsequent sales and marketing activities associated with these products brings another set of challenges that can be best addressed by the involvement of a Corporate Partner as a shareholder in a new Spin-Out. History has shown that instances where innovative products created from Queen’s Research are coupled together with a partner who has an established presence in the marketplace, managerial expertise, financial muscle and well defined channels to market, the chances of success of a new Spin-out are greatly enhanced. Cases where the Corporate Partner is willing to invest cash into the spin-out and take an active management role tell us all something of the suitability of any new product for a market place.

Past examples of QUBIS Participation in the Corporate Venture model include Kainos, Andor and Audio Processing Technology Ltd. Among recently established companies, Lamhroe, with the benefit of Amideon Ltd as its Corporate Partner is starting to show strong product development capabilities resulting from the Amideon philosophy of determining customer needs first and foremost. This philosophy along with their added presence in Eastern European and Asian markets has opened many doors for Lamhroe.

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