Spin–out Manager

We are currently seeking to add a Spinout Manager to the high performing QUBIS team working on the creation and support of spinout companies based on leading edge technology emerging from across the research base at Queen’s University.  QUBIS has a long track record in this area having been formed in 1984 and has been ranked first in the UK for each of the last two years in an independent study carried out on behalf of Octopus Ventures.  QUBIS Ltd which makes and holds the investments in the spinout companies, has an independent Board of Directors drawn from both business and the Senior Management of the University.  The QUBIS team themselves are all employed directly by the University but work closely with the Board to optimise the commercialisation activity through the creation and growth of spinout companies. 

The role will be of interest to someone who enjoys working with leading edge technologies, who can help form and build entrepreneurial teams, and who can understand and empathise with entrepreneurs as they undergo the challenges involved in building a successful business. The Spinout Manager will be working with QUBIS companies from across the spectrum of the portfolio, from pre incorporation through to stock market listed and the role offers a unique opportunity within Northern Ireland. 

Further details from the QUB website: