Titan IC delivers innovative technology for Deep Packet Processing Module in IRD–100 for Strategic Partner Looking Glass

Cyber Solutions, a leader in threat intelligence–driven security, announced the general availability of the LookingGlass IRD–100 (Intelligence Response and Deception) security appliance. The IRD–100 is purposefully–built and optimized to change the digital battlefield by actively disrupting adversary activities and forcing them to overcome a deeper level of visibility and control.

This fully programmable, custom stealth hardware is invisible to adversaries’ view of corporate and government networks. Designed to run in–line with low latency, the appliance creates a new point of control by using real–time traffic analysis. Performing these actions invisibly at line speeds across enterprise networks is made possible by the IRD–100’s unique Titan IC components, including a high–performance processing engine.

Inside the IRD–100, a Deep Packet Processing Module (DPPM) installed on a fully programmable blade with the Titan IC high–performance RegEx processing engine delivers rapid responses to changing network and security challenges. Real–time, deep packet inspection of network traffic occurs at line speed for layers 2 through 7, allowing fully–automated security mitigation against identified threats. A convenient internal server gives IRD–100 users flexible local and centralized management functions, without the hassle of setting up additional, dedicated equipment.

“The scale and sophistication of threats against critical applications, end–users, and complex IT infrastructures requires evolving defences beyond today’s conventional threat intelligence and layered security products,” 

said Dave Horn, Senior Vice President of Engineering at LookingGlass.

“We were proud to work with Titan IC Systems, an innovative developer of hardware engines for content and network processing. Their superior technology drives next generation throughput assisting IRD–100 delivery of high–speed traffic analysis and manipulation, giving customers a new means to deflect, deceive, and monitor inbound threats otherwise bypassing security controls.”

“Organizations want the full spectrum of capabilities for countering costly malware attacks and data breaches,”

added Noel McKenna, Chief Executive Officer at Titan IC.

“Titan IC Systems’ components help the LookingGlass IRD–100 deliver all these advantages without traditional security appliance trade–offs, like reduced network speeds or a new attack surface to manage. This device takes protection to a far deeper level across enterprises.”

Businesses and government agencies have the option of configuring the IRD–100 to implement customized, automated defense actions to rapidly prevent malicious intrusions and system compromises, such as masking attackers’ view of vulnerable applications and data, or manipulating traffic to deny malicious programs the connectivity and access they need to function.

Learn more about the LookingGlass IRD–100 appliance during RSA Conference

Attendees at RSA Conference, April 16–20 in San Francisco, can visit LookingGlass’ booth – #100, South Expo Hall of the Moscone Center – for more information on IRD–100 appliance. Interested commercial, government and resellers audiences can also download information at www.lookingglasscyber.com/products/defend–assets.

About LookingGlass

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions delivers unified threat protection against sophisticated cyber attacks to global enterprises and government agencies by operationalizing threat intelligence across its end–to–end portfolio. Scalable threat intelligence platforms and network–based threat response products consume our machine–readable data feeds to provide comprehensive threat–driven security. Augmenting the solutions portfolio is a worldwide team of security analysts who continuously enrich our data feeds and provide customers unprecedented understanding and response capability into cyber, physical and 3rd party risks. Prioritized, relevant and timely insights enable customers to take action on threat intelligence across the different stages of the attack life cycle. Learn more at www.lookingglasscyber.com.

About Titan IC Systems

Titan IC Systems is a world leading supplier of hardware engines for content and network processing, for both low cost, low footprint applications, as well as high performance complex regular expression processing. A privately held fabless semiconductor company, Titan IC Systems is delivering new benchmarks in both flexibility and performance for content inspection and network processing hardware. The unique technology capability offers customers the ability to perform regular expression processing and pattern matching acceleration at speeds of a few 100Mb/s up to 40Gb/s utilizing a fully scalable, flexible and parallel architecture. This revolutionary new technology is capable of processing multiple characters and multiple regular expressions in parallel as concurrent tasks on several processing engines.