Titan IC to Accelerate Pattern and String Matching on Mellanox’s New BlueField–2 I/O Processing Unit (IPU) Device

Titan IC, the experts in accelerated search, today announced that its cutting–edge hardware Regular eXpression Processor (RXP), has been selected to accelerate complex searches and pattern detection of the Mellanox BlueField–2® I/O Processing Unit (IPU) that empowers the next generation of secure cloud SmartNIC and Controller solutions.

Titan IC RXP hardware search acceleration engine enables very high–speed search across a wide range of applications including security, cloud & database acceleration, Natural Language Processing (NLP), edge computing and computational storage.

For the cyber security market, the BlueField–2 with embedded RXP engine can accelerate IDS/IPS applications such as the newest Snort 3.0 (Snort++) software from Cisco, Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and network–based application recognition (NBAR) programs. As a tightly integrated part of BlueField–2, RXP enables better detection and blocking of malicious activities in real time to help prevent attacks from spreading further.

Commenting on the decision to license RXP technology, Shlomit Weiss, senior vice president of Silicon Engineering at Mellanox explained,

“BlueField–2 has been designed as an IPU for the most demanding workloads in the cloud or at the network edge. In order to provide superior search acceleration, we chose to add the innovative RXP from Titan IC to our IPUs because of its massively parallel RegEx processing capabilities and performance benefits.”

Noel McKenna, CEO of Titan IC commented:

“We are delighted that RXP has been selected by Mellanox to accelerate complex search on the BlueField–2 IPU. By offloading compute–intensive searching, RXP frees up CPU cores, delivering unprecedented levels of performance for those building highly secure, efficient compute and storage infrastructures.”

Titan IC will be exhibiting at ArmTechCon, October 8–10, 2019, Booth #1037, San Jose Convention Center, CA.