Creating a ‘single source of truth’ – Digital Transformation at The National Gallery London

Looking Different

As part of our ‘Improving your business through data’ blog series, we considered how companies like Netflix, UBER and Spotify differentiate themselves from competitors.

We often overlook the fact that at their core, the actual products that these companies offer don’t vary a great deal from their more traditional competitors. At its core, Netflix offers movies and TV shows. Where Netflix and others differ is customer experience.

In each of these examples, data and technology were the foundation upon which a more robust customer experience was built.

For our work with The National Gallery, data and technology have provided key stakeholders with the tools they need to make more meaningful and effective decisions that benefit their visitors.

The insight provided by our solution has accrued a range of benefits, including helping The National Gallery to more effectively plan exhibitions based upon the qualitative and quantitative behavior of their guests.


Since roll–out, some of the key benefits to The National Gallery have included:

  • Improved decision–making processes
  • Operational efficiencies and optimisation of workflows
  • Deeper relationships with stakeholders
  • Augmented visitor experiences
  • Improved visitor flow
  • Increased visitor satisfaction.

Empowered by Data

“Right across the organisation there’s a sense of trust in the data. Everyone is unified around a single source of truth and using the data to make better decisions,” 

said Casey Scott–Songin, Senior Manager of Data and Insights at The National Gallery.

Data is at the forefront of improving visitor experience, it enables organisations to take meaningful actions that meet the needs of their customers.