CATAGEN’s Dr Jonathan Stewart wins £1.25m Future Leaders Fellowship Award

Dr Jonathan Stewart, a rising research star of CATAGEN is the recipient of the UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellowship Award with funding of 1.25 million over a 4 year period to develop business leadership skills and enable cutting edge research.

The fellowship recognises innovation excellence and provides longer term support for ambitious projects.

Belfast based CATAGEN, a spinout of Queen’s University Belfast, are already successfully delivering unrivalled emission data to many global automotive brands and were recognised by Deloitte Fast 50 as the second fastest growing technology firm on the island of Ireland. 

Their technology is a solution to reduce tailpipe emissions, however this award will provide a vital stepping stone towards the ultimate goal of zero impact vehicle emissions in cities on a worldwide basis.

With air quality and climate change the most pressing environmental challenges of our time, it is critical there are real strategies and solutions.


“Improving air quality is universal, it’s for everyone.” 

Part of his compelling pitch was his own personal connection as he suffers from asthma and understands how air pollution can affect people’s health.

“I have always loved cars. Since I was a child I have been fascinated by how a car works, its performance and speed. While studying emission control technologies, there came a point where I realised the impact of this applied research. Alongside my love of automotive there comes the obvious harmful pollutants from exhausts which are damaging to our health and the environment. Now, being part of something truly pioneering at CATAGEN means being an advocate for clean air technology.”

The award will enable ground breaking research in the virtual development of emissions control system to create an accelerated roadmap for improved air quality and future decarbonisation. This will have positive economic, environmental and societal impact.

Alongside innovative research, this is an amazing opportunity to develop vital leadership skills that will equip Dr Stewart to be a business leader at the forefront of the mobility sector globally. “My ambition is to lead a future team of interdisciplinary specialists, to take our technology and talent forward with the clear purpose of cleaning and decarbonising the air of the future.”