Embedded Monitoring Systems

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EMS design and manufacture innovative and cost–effective power monitoring systems for the electricity supply industry from Generation plants to Transmission and Distribution networks.

eMS are a UK company with distribution in Australia and Europe and over 30 years’ experience working with DNOs and TNOs as well as Industrial and Commercial customers.

eMS provide intelligent substation monitoring solutions to help customers improve network management and unlock significant cost and efficiency savings. Our expanding range of innovative asset condition monitoring solutions allow the lifetime of ageing assets to be safely extended and total maintenance costs to be lowered. Systems also provide timely information on the location of distribution faults enabling quantifiable reductions in CI (Customer Interruptions)/CML (Customer Minutes Lost). Other applications include protection monitoring, Power Quality and Phasor Measurement Units.

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    Re–Vana Therapeutics Ltd

    Re–Vana Therapeutics is an ocular pharmaceuticals and drug delivery company focused on the development and commercialisation of innovative long–acting biodegradable drug delivery platforms to treat chronic eye diseases.

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    MOF Technologies Ltd

    World leaders in the manufacture, testing and commercialisation of Metal Organic Frameworks; a new generation of adsorbents used in cleantech applications across the world.

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    CV6 Therapeutics (NI) Ltd

    CV6 Therapeutics is dedicated to the development of novel innovative therapeutics to improve the lives of patients with cancer and inflammatory diseases.

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