Titan IC Systems Ltd

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Titan IC is an innovative technology company leading the way in delivering accelerated search and analytics within high–speed networks and big data worldwide.





Titan IC develop accelerated search and analytics technology for high speed network and storage data.

The company’s core technology is a Regular eXpression Processor, called RXP, which is regarded as the industry–standard for high–speed complex pattern matching, real–time Internet traffic inspection and the detection of strings, keywords and malware using regular expressions (RegEx). RXP performs many thousands of parallel searches against complex rulesets at high speeds to enable the detection of strings and patterns of data in networks, cloud or big data.

Licensed internationally for ASIC, SoC, FPGA and cloud architectures, RXP can be found in the products of many leading vendors within the semiconductor, cybersecurity, government and data analytics markets.

As a highly sophisticated hardware engine, RXP technology offloads RegEx processing, freeing up CPU cores and delivering faster throughput and increased efficiency for its customers. The technology can scan up to 1M regular expressions in parallel on network speeds of 100Gb/s and beyond, utilising a fully scalable, flexible and parallel architecture.

Its unique ability to handle combinations of high throughput, rule depth and complexity make it the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. These include: 

  • intrusion detection
  • deep packet inspection
  • SmartNIC
  • lawful interception
  • logfile analytics
  • in–storage search
  • database acceleration
  • NLP / sentiment analysis

Titan IC is a spin–out from CSIT, the Centre for Secure Information Technologies at Queens University Belfast and maintains close links with the research teams at the university. Now headquartered in the high–tech heart of Belfast’s Titanic Quarter, Titan IC is built around a highly–skilled team of leading engineers and academics. Through innovation, hard work and strong relationships, we aim to be the partner of choice to deliver high–performance, high–throughput and cost–efficient search capabilities.

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