Nuada is a vertically integrated carbon capture company that strives to decarbonise hard–to–abate sectors through our next–generation carbon capture technology.





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Our purpose is to provide efficient and cost–effective solutions that make it economically viable for hard–to–abate industries to reduce their carbon footprint.

At Nuada, our technology is the outcome of a decade of innovative work, trading under the name “MOF Technologies”. During this time, we developed extensive expertise in designing, scaling, and applying advanced solid sorbents called metal–organic frameworks (MOFs).

As time progressed, we expanded our infrastructure for manufacturing, testing, and prototyping, and evolved into a vertically integrated carbon capture development company. Our involvement in multiple EU–funded carbon capture projects has provided us with valuable insights and experience, which have led and intensified our development efforts. Leveraging our development pedigree, we have created the next generation of carbon capture technology that the industry desperately needs to make Net Zero a reality

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