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World leaders in the manufacture, testing and commercialisation of Metal Organic Frameworks; a new generation of adsorbents used in cleantech applications across the world.





29 countries

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Areas of Focus

The company has three main areas of focus:

  • Industrial scale manufacturing;
  • Innovation Lab – peer to peer research;
  • MOF Services – industry led testing and development projects.

The management team are currently developing a three–year growth strategy based on commercialisation and industry partnerships in the “CleanTech” arena. The company currently exports to 29 countries.


The company is widely regarded as one of only three major players in the MOF Industry which consists of approximately 20 companies worldwide. Its employees are continually asked to present at international conferences, for example:

  • MOF 2018 – Auckland;
  • Bilbao Advanced Materials Conference – Bilbao;
  • EuroMOf 2019 – Paris.

In addition, the company plays an active role in helping to develop UK government scientific policy, serving on Policy Working Groups with major scientific stakeholders such as:

  • The Royal Society;
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering, and
  • The Royal Society of Chemistry.

The CEO Darren Mawhinney is also an Export Ambassador for the UK Department of Trade and Industry.

Key Facts

  • Attracted £1.5m Series A funding in 2016
  • Number of Patents filed and granted
  • Production scaled up to 100 Kg+ level
  • Blue Chip customer base
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