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Sensurity is a radar intruder detection manufacturer. Sensurity’s products are technologically the most advanced in their class and have changed the paradigm of perimeter security.


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Sensurity’s technology was developed at Queen’s University, Belfast, where a team of radio frequency experts developed unique patents in RF and digital signal processing to deliver the intelligence to differentiate between unauthorised intrusion events and false alarms.

Sensurity’s products are currently in 10 countries and distributed through a network of 16 partners worldwide.

Sensurity’s HALO is a Perimeter Intruder Detection System which uses intelligent radar signal analytics to increase detection rates to 99.9% probability, and drastically decrease false alarm rates.

HALO saves you time and money on responding to nuisance alarms, and gives you peace of mind and complete confidence in your perimeter security against malicious intruders.

HALO’s dual–technology radar and infrared units can be deployed back–to–back with no gaps or overlap, ensuring a fast, hassle free installation, saving you time and money on maintenance and saving space due to a reduced installation footprint.

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