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Adoreboard is an emotion AI company that unites customer and employee experience through its Human Experience measurement platform Emotics to understand how people really feel.



Adoreboard, a Queen’s University Belfast spin–off, is a pioneer in Human Experience (HX) using Emotion AI, the next frontier of artificial intelligence. 

Adoreboard unites customer and employee experience through its Human Experience (HX) measurement platform Emotics. Adoreboard’s mission is to bring emotionally intelligent insights into the digital world with its emotion recognition technology that measures Human Experiences that span customer and employee interactions across the enterprise.

Adoreboard’s analysis goes beyond “what” people are saying, to “why” they are saying it. By defining and identifying the feelings expressed and the topics driving those feelings, the analysis drills down to the cause to provide decision–ready insights.

Adoreboard has been recognised as a Gartner Cool vendor in Artificial Intelligence for Customer Analytics 2019 and a key analytics upgrade by Forrester in The Future of CX Measurement report. They have also been named in the 2019 Employee Experience Measurement Best Practices report by Forrester.

Key Facts

  • Named as a Gartner Cool Vendor for Artificial Intelligence for Customer Analytics 2019. 
  • Global customers base. 


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