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Olecycle’s core technology converts waste cooking oils into mixtures of low–sulphur biodiesel feed and oleochemicals, primarily purified fatty acids.

The technology removes fatty acids, gums, sulfur and metals from various triglyceride feeds such as used cooking oils and tallows allowing the production of pure triglycerides for the oleochemical and biofuel sector. This aqueous–based process can be operated under batch or continuous conditions and can be tailored to impurity levels within the used triglyceride. The technology can be used to treat previously inaccessible feedstocks and can also be recycled

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  • Environmental, Engineering, Scientific


    Nuada is a vertically integrated carbon capture company that strives to decarbonise hard–to–abate sectors through our next–generation carbon capture technology.

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  • Digital, Engineering

    Analytics Engines Ltd

    At Analytics Engines, we see data differently. Our expert team delivers creative, agile data solutions, which are as unique as the challenges they solve.

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  • Digital

    Kainos Group PLC

    Kainos Group plc is a UK–headquartered provider of Digital Services and Digital Platforms.

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  • Life Science

    CV6 Therapeutics (NI) Ltd

    CV6 Therapeutics is dedicated to the development of novel innovative therapeutics to improve the lives of patients with cancer and inflammatory diseases.

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