Sonrai Analytics

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Sonrai Analytics focuses on providing a cloud–enabled bespoke knowledge platform to conduct modern–day analytics for ‘big data’

Given today’s research requirements and governance, the ability to centrally warehouse information in a safe and scalable database architecture with an analytical front–end allows researchers the ability to mine information within key programmes internally and share accepted information to front–facing clients. 

This framework will operate as a web based resource where data can be uploaded seamlessly and embedded immediately into their data analytical hub. Our current model operates as an ‘app store’ of tools, given its modularised design to scale directly to an individual company/research institutes requirements. This removes the bulky and obtuse analytical flows operate by current vendors as they contain a lot of legacy pipelines on long running platforms. Newly emergent and bespoke companies requiring a technology with which to accelerate and visualise their information will avail of such architecture.

Key Facts

  • Cloud–enabled
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Exploratory data analysis 
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