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Fast–Forwarding Biodiversity Goals through Sustainable & Rapid Marine Surveys. Home of the non–destructive Auto–release Baited Underwater Video (ABUV) System.




Seed Funding

FjordStrong is a Queen’s University Belfast spinout based out of QUB Marine Laboratory on the edge of the renowned Strangford Lough. The company idea was based on research which developed the ABUV , a timely solution for biodiversity survey requirements where traditional destructive sampling techniques are no longer either suitable or acceptable.

Our ethos is to compliment the renewable energy sector’s green credential by providing zero–impact biodiversity surveys.FjordStrong tackles several SDG goals including Life Under Water, Affordable & Clean Energy, Climate Action and Zero Hunger.

Our goals are also in line with the three pillars of the recently defined Horizon EU goals, while directly tackling one of their 5 identified mission areas: Healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters.

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