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Biocolor designs, manufactures and distributes research tools for use by cell biology and bioengineering communities.




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Biocolor Ltd was founded in 1992 by Dr Roy Elliott as a spin–out company from Queen’s University Belfast. Its focus was the production of tools to enable detection and measurement of biomolecules of the ‘extracellular matrix’ or ECM (the structural biomolecular network surrounding living cells). 

An active academic researcher; Dr Elliott was familiar with the limitations of conventional detection and measurement methods and believed a user–friendly, quantitative alternative was indeed possible.

His experience led to the development of the Sircol collagen assay – a user–friendly, dye–based test which could be performed in any laboratory.
Over the years the Sircol assay has become the ‘go–to’ name for collagen measurement. The assay has been continually refined and updated in–line with current laboratory practice, making it well suited to its more recent application as an essential tool in the rapidly growing field of bioengineering.

The Sircol assay has been complemented by a portfolio of ECM assays – each developed through our in–house R&D. These allow additional extracellular matrix biomolecules to be specifically measured, including: Elastin, Insoluble Collagen, Keratin, Hyaluronic Acid and Glycosaminoglycans.

These sit alongside a range of cell–based assays which bring our core principles of user–friendly, quantitative analysis to enable measurement of cell death, cell cycle phase and cell migratory ability.

Over the last 2 years Biocolor has observed the sad passing of both Roy Elliott, and more recently his son Gary Elliott. Both have left a legacy in the creation of innovative assay kits that support the research of many researchers and institutions around the world. For this reason, the new board of directors have been emphatic that Biocolor will both continue to trade and focus on future potential.

With new management in place, we continue to supply our assay kits, and to develop new innovative assays to continue the Biocolor story that started back in 1992.

Key Facts

  • Strong track record of R & D.
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