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Tailored software and consultancy packages for timetabling, scheduling, resource and space planning within the education, training and public sectors.

EventMAP are a specialist software and consultancy solution provider, based in London and Belfast. 

The product of a collaborative research partnership between Queen’s University, Belfast and the University of Nottingham, the company was created in 2002 to fill an identified gap in the market place: providing a suite of software tools and expert services to enable the efficient and optimised planning and management of resources. Our products and consultancy cover areas such as space modelling, educational scheduling and timetabling, resource management, smarter working and complex optimisation–based problems.

Our board and management team are comprised of some of the world’s leading experts in software development and optimisation technologies, with the company’s staff drawn from the best and brightest in their fields. Our Belfast office is the main product development and support hub and our consultancy team are comprised of internationally recognised space, resource and workplace planners.

Initially our solutions were focused primarily around the higher education market, but in recent years this has expanded into providing consultancy and solutions for wider industry and the public sector, as the wider applicability of our existing optimisation solutions became very evident. Clients include Ministry of Defence, Channel 4, University of Cambridge, Metropolitan Police Service of London, BAE Systems, Sultan Qaboos University (Oman), Invest NI, Kings College Hospital (London).

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