Our Partner Teams

Business & Commercial Alliances Team

At QUBIS we work closely with these teams in supporting Queen’s researchers to develop collaborative projects with industry and commercialise their own ideas. Their expertise and support ranges from training in commercial strategy to contract negotiation.

You can contact the Commercial Alliance and Business Alliance teams directly for:

  • Help for companies seeking to access the scientific expertise of Queen’s staff through collaborative research partnerships, co–development projects or licensing.
  • Help for academics interested in funding for translational research, commercialising their technology or partnering with industry.

IP Management Team

Protecting your original idea is an essential part of the commercialisation process. Your creativity and innovations are just as much of an asset to your business as its physical property.

Intellectual Property (IP) is the generic term for a bundle of legal rights that inventors of technologies, ideas, or creative works can rely upon to protect their “property of the mind”.

As owner of the IP, the University can control and be rewarded for the IP’s use – and can then in turn reward the inventors. In this way, further innovation and creativity is encouraged, to the wider benefit of society.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) includes:

  • Registered rights – e.g. patents, trademarks, registered design rights.
  • Automatic rights – e.g. copyright, unregistered design rights, product get–up.

Unregistered rights, such as know–how, also exist.

The IP and Licensing Team can help you to exploit your technology by:

  • assessing your invention to see if it may be protectable through certain forms of IPR;
  • filing IPR applications;
  • shaping your IP strategy;
  • licensing your invention by negotiating appropriate commercial terms with potential partners or licensees.

To find out more, contact IP Management

For all other business relating to spin–out companies, contact the QUBIS team.