QUBIS Innovation Fund

The QUBIS Innovation Fund is an SEIS & EIS fund, a tax incentivised private investor backed initiative aimed specifically at university spin–out companies. The objective of the Innovation Fund is to bridge the gap in early–stage equity funding rounds for university spin–outs through co–investment and enabling more efficient deal closing.

Funding Invest


We utilise a suite of incubator and customer discovery programmes to find product / market fit at an early stage. 



We invest between £50k and £150k into companies with novel technology and sound business models.



We help companies to transition from research to commercial success as efficiently as possible. 

What does QUBIS Innovation Fund invest in?

The QUBIS Innovation Fund invests in spin outs that have performed intense customer discovery and determine their product / market fit or see some early traction. We understand the importance of listening to potential customers and partners early on and refining the business model to suit. We are experienced in the commercialisation of university research and can help accelerate the journey from spin out to growth stage utilising lean startup principles.

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